Straight From the Runway: Styles to be Incorporate this Fall

When it comes down to a stylish fall, interesting attire seems to be the norm. From three piece suits to hoodies, here are some of the more popular trends coming to a closet near you this fall.

Straight From the Runway- Styles to be Incorporate this Fall

For the Office:

For men, the three piece suit says it all. With buttons on the jacket and vest, this suit combination makes for a young and inspirational look. It’s versatility at work is admirable as well since it can become a two piece suit, minus the vest, or remove the jacket and you have the pants and shirt. This is a definite win, win situation at the office.


Another new influx of fashion to the men’s world is the new double-breasted suit sport coats which are a flash back to a different era. Wools with large patterns are back and can look mighty sporty with jeans. Add a sweater under the jacket, over a checked cotton shirt and you are a man of all temperatures. There are no rules this fall; polka-dot shirts with checked, wool sport jackets are out there.



The word on shoes this fall is “buckles”. Buckles on shiny leather or buckles on wing tips tend to be the shoe trend this coming fall. Casual or formal shoes must have buckles.


For shoe fashion at home, look for “We Are Saints Kennedy SS Espadrille”. These are comfortable, yet hit the style-o-meter for your at-home attire. They can be found at They come in a multitude of colors to help make your fashion statement.



Hoodies are always a good choice. This year, look for hoodies of all types of materials and patterns; from polka-dots to plaids in fleece or cotton/polyester, these hoodies can say it all. The zip front trend is availing, but pull-overs are still out there.


For the casual shirt under your hoodie, you will find lots of different colors and styles. From cotton prints to stripes, there are too many patterns to follow this fall. There seems not to be a norm.



Casual jeans are still the trend with low-waisted, straight legged, baggy jeans being the fall wave this year.


Whatever style you wish to go, you will get a good start on your fall wardrobe by keeping your eyes open. Find the things that catch your eye and build your wardrobe around that. You will be able to set up a wardrobe for fall that will fit your lifestyle and leave money in your pocket.


What color of dress is perfect for you?

Evening Dresses

You were asked to the prom and you said yes. Now you get to do one of the best things girls look forward to about going to prom- dress shopping.

Dresses vary in different shapes and sizes. The key is to find the right one for you.

When looking for the right dress color, consider the following factors:

  • Your date- while you assume your date will be wearing a tuxedo it would be better to ask him. Some boys prefer to go with the really nice pant suit and blazer set. Those can be very nice and dressy, however if you plan to go all “Cinderella in a ball gown” you could be too overdressed for your date. Take his feelings into consideration when finding an evening dress because he’ll be picking out a tie and vest to match the color of your dress. If he’s not too much into pink he may not want to be wearing pink to prom in front of all his best buds. This not mean you can’t wear pink, but try and find a color he can wear that would compliment both of you.

  • Prom Theme- Is prom black and white? Under the Sea? Masquerade? Knowing the theme and possibly the colors at the dance can help you determine what colors and styles you’ll look for when dress shopping.

  • Hair: Girls with red hair compliment an emerald green, ivory, navy blue or anything warm. Redheads should avoid wearing any shade of yellow. Blondes look great in bright warm colors- yellow, orange, rust, whites and taupes. Brunettes look great in emerald greens and sapphires. Also depending on their skin tone orange, pinks and yellows look flattering.

  • Skin: There are certain colors everyone looks in better according to their skin tone. Complexions that are lighter look better in softer colors like pastels: whites, corals, ocean blues, light raspberry, soft tangerine and champagne. Darker skin tones can enjoy the brighter colors: electric orange, emerald green, midnight blue and ruby red.

  • Eyes: hazel-dark green or purple, dark brown-olive green or light brown, green- lavender or bluish gray, medium blue- gold or peach, dark green- plum or peach, light brown-golden honey or green, light blue- light pink or lilac

Whatever your choice is, go out, have fun, be safe and have a great memorable evening looking like you just stepped off the red carpet.


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Using A Brush For An Enhanced Shave

Shaving brushes work up a lather that lubricates skin and makes for a safer, cleaner shave. While a finger can work up a lather, a brush does so much more efficiently because the hairs get wetter. In a wet shave, the hairs are softer. The brush tool and the soft hairs can also make for a closer shave. Shaving brush products have recently come back into style, though they got their start in France in the 1750s.

Types of Shaving Brushes

A shaving brush can be made of three different types of hair: boar hair, badger hair or synthetic hair. Badger hair brushes have the most variety, but they also cost the most. Because the hair is so soft, it holds water exceptionally well and makes for a better lubrication than other types of brushes. Boar hair brushes are less expensive because the fur is coarser and stiffer. Synthetic hair brushes are the least expensive and they don’t hold water well. Although they can’t compare in quality to boar hair or badger hair brushes, they’re still better than using a finger.

The brushes can also have a wide variety of handles. Some are made of nylon, wood or plastic, but more costly options include tortoise shells, crystal, ivory, porcelain and other unusual materials. Once, even the handles were a sign of prestige.

How Do they Work?

By dipping the shaving brush in water and then in shaving cream, either in a bowl or directly on the face, and slowly circling the skin, the brush works up a lather. The brush also pulls the hair back from the neck and skin so that it doesn’t lie flat. Together, this results in a thicker lather and alert hair, so the razor won’t drag across the skin. That makes it easier to shave the hair off in one pass.

After shaving is complete, splashing the face with hot, then cold, water and rinsing off the brush completes the process.

Benefits of Using a Shaving Brush

The thicker lather created by a shaving brush has several benefits, including a closer shave. Since they work up a better lather, it’s not necessary to use as much shaving cream, while still enjoying less razor burn, fewer ingrown hairs and less redness.

The shaving brush also works wonders on skin. It opens pores and exfoliates the skin, removing the dead skin cells, so that in the end, skin is cleaner and healthier.

Purchasing a shaving brush can result in a cleaner, smoother shave. Using a shaving brush can save money on the cost of shaving creams and soaps. A low grade brush can be the perfect starting point and great to build upon.


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Top 10 Male Fashion Pinners

Stay on trend with male fashion by following the top 10 male fashion pinners on Pinterest. has created an excellent info graphic. Take a look!

Made by The GentleManual


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Creating a Fashionable Bathroom

These days, bathrooms are so much more than just a bathtub and a toilet. They are one of the major selling points in a house and for good reason. Everyone wants to walk into a beautiful bathroom in the morning. So what can you do to make yours better? There are hundreds of possibilities, ranging from full on renovations to cheap little touch ups that can make a world of difference. Everyone has different tastes and expectations, of course, so the real question is, what do you want out of your bathroom?

For those with a taste for a slightly older, elegant style, additions like a claw footed tub could do wonders for your bathroom. But a freestanding tub does not have to be claw footed to be elegant or stylish. Browse through just about any home improvement website and you will find limitless options for tubs in all sorts of styles from modern to quaint. A new bathtub can alter the whole dynamic of your bathroom and give it a fresh new look. Click here to find more information on bathtub installation and get your bathroom renovation started a.s.a.p.

Once you have your new bathtub installed, why stop there? Maybe your counters and sinks could use an upgrade to match. They’ll probably look pretty plain next to your new tub otherwise. Upgrading to granite or marble counters can bring the look of your bathroom to a whole new level. If you are not so sure about your cabinets anymore, maybe you could even rip them out to be replaced with a stunning new vanity. With a few glass shelves artfully places below your mirror and some attractive storage baskets beneath the sink, it’ll feel like a completely different room.

Aside from just making your bathroom look beautiful, you might want to throw in a few new features as well. If you have any plans to change up the floor, it could be worth your while to read up on what it takes to install heated flooring. It’s not a new invention by any means, having been around for a great many centuries now, but it has certainly been optimized a bit for the modern world. Installation is actually not as difficult as many people expect it to be and heated flooring is an amazing feature to add to your bathroom. Keeping your feet toasty radiates warmth to the rest of your body as well, which is quite the comfort in the early mornings when you’re still trying to drag yourself out of bed. There are few who could ever argue against the benefits of sprucing up your bathroom with such a project. Not to mention the fact that you get to update your floor to match the rest of your upgrades!


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Cute LDS Missionary Clothes

cute sister missionariesOftentimes women are unsure about how to dress especially while serving a mission. As a sister missionary, your mind probably reverts to very conservative black and grey outfits always including long ankle length skirts. Regardless what some individuals may say, it is imperative to remember that you can dress cute yet modest at the same time. It just might take a little bit more of an effort. Being modest can say a lot about a woman’s character. She respects herself and values her morals so she dresses appropriately and doesn’t try to draw unnecessary attention to herself. When a woman feels confident in her own body, she can be so much more beautiful than when she doubts herself and value. One source for LDS sister missionary skirts is Sister Missionary Fashion. Not only does this company have modest clothing but it is very affordable. They have skirts, dresses, tops and sweaters and even outerwear. I know that outerwear can sure come in handy if you are serving in a cold place. Chances are that when you look at their clothing you will be surprised at how trendy and cute it is. Something that the Church has been trying to implement is the sister missionaries wearing more colorful and trendy clothing. They want the girls to be fashionable. This might come as a shock to some of you who assume as sister missionary wears long black or grey skirts and very little color.

This is an attempt to not seem like nuns and to not stand out so much in a crowd. When looking for modest clothing keep in mind that you want to cover it up. When shopping for skirts, look for ones that are knee length or longer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with knee length or longer skirts. It is very easy to find trendy knee length skirts at places such as Downeast, Nordstrom, Macys or Sears. They can come in a variety of colors, designs, and even material for different times of the year. Bottoms aren’t the only place you need to be modest. Remember your tops when trying to dress modestly. Avoid shirts that are extremely low cut or revealing. It is true that first impressions are important and how do you want people to see you? You are acting as a representative for the Church for crying out loud. A tip for making tops more modest is to layer. Not only will you be more modest, but you’ll also be warmer in the winter. I know I sure love to layer up in the winter time. I feel that modesty is not only important to look nice and presentable, but it really does say a lot about your character and what you value. People will be drawn to you. If you really care and respect your body, then dress to portray that message. Show how much you respect and value the Church by how you dress. So remember that you can be modest and cute at the same time and be a great sister missionary out there representing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


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