Different Purposes of Hair Extensions

The hairstyles of women and men alike have been effected for hundreds of years by the addition of hair to a persons existing hair for an increase in length or fullness. Hair extensions have been since their inception a fantastic way to manipulate the appearance and fashion of hair. Hair designers professionally add the synthetic or real human hair onto persons scalp in a variety of ways that have evolved of the centuries. Colors and purposes for the extensions added depend on the person who is getting them done; new looks are traditionally created to dramatize the existing appearance of the hair while keeping a natural feel.

Thick or curly, long or short, extensions exist to be added to any hair length or texture type. If a person desires their straight hair to be longer, then they would get the closest available texture which mimics their own to add length. Keeping the texture the same will simulate that extensions are the same as natural hair growing from the scalp. To add fullness to a curly limp hair a similar curl or wave would be selected in an extension and added in the most natural manner possible. In some cases hair color will be different for an extension than the color of the naturally grown hair of a person, this can be for adding subtle dimension in a dull existing look or bold colors can be added to create a focus/iconic look.

The difference in natural or synthetic origins will change what colors or uses the new hair has. Some natural extension brands may only come in the natural human hair they were grown in, while others have pre-dyed colors in their lines. Traditionally the more bold and vibrant/electric colors come from makers of synthetic hair; the synthetic hair is often very sensitive to heat and should be carefully maintained in order to keep it in a desirable texture and favorable color. Natural hair that has come from a human can be maintained and heated same as most human hair. A synthetic extension that cannot be heated is usually produced in the style that it is intended to be worn for the duration of its use.

Men have been known to use hair extensions same as women, there is no discrimination in this way. A man may add extensions to avoid changing the overall appearance of his hair color in a bold way instead in a subtle way without using any haircolor on his natural hair. Women who desire length beyond their own natural capacity to grow can have it in a day instead of waiting years to painfully grow it on their own. Even children who are sick can benefit from the help of extensions, there truly are very few limits to the possibilities.

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How The Stars Look Young: All Their Tips and Secrets

Along with fame and fortune, stars must also deal with the responsibility of always looking good for the camera. Many stars have developed their own little tricks for maximizing their best points, using both natural and commercial products. However, sometimes nature needs a little help, and stars are perfectly willing to discuss improvements with a cosmetic surgeon to determine if a blepharoplasty, (or eyelid surgery) is needed to open up the eye area to provide a younger and more alert appearance. There is a range of different types of non-invasive or surgical procedures that celebrities use in order to keep their age-less appearance. These stars may also choose from a variety of facelift procedures that help to smooth the forehead, re-sculpt cheekbones and firm the chin area or injectables such as Botox that help to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

How The Stars Look Young- All Their Tips and Secrets

Natural Aids To Beauty

Simple answers to beauty problems often do the most in keeping you looking young and healthy. For instance, ensuring that you drink plenty of water every day can help to flush toxins from the skin, providing a natural glow of health. Scrupulous cleaning and toning at the end of the day can prevent damage to facial skin. For a final finish on your make-up, give your face a spray of rosewater and lay on a tissue to blot up the excess for a dewy glow. Another simple trick, a bit of petroleum jelly applied to eyelids can give your eyes a sparkling, angelic look. Omega-3 oil applied to the face is a natural way to give your facial skin the protection of antioxidants as well as moisturizing.


Cosmetic Tricks

Good cosmetics can range from the simple to the extremely complex. Each star has her own favorite item that seems to work for her individual needs. For instance, some stars swear by Aquaphor, a petroleum-based ointment that provides a healing layer to prevent daily wear-and-tear on skin. Loose powder, lightly applied with the excess brushed off, can give a smooth and finished look. Some stars swear by eye cream to help remove dark circles and perk up the face. Concealer, two shades lighter than the rest of your complexion, helps some stars look bright and fresh for the camera. Of course, a good foundation not only helps to protect skin, but also smoothes unevenness in your complexion. One star uses two shades of lipstick to custom-match the perfect lip color for the camera.


Looking good for the cameras takes a good understanding of your skin’s individual needs and a willingness to try new effects and new products. A consultation with a cosmetic surgeon can help you to look your best throughout your life.

What Is With Donald Trump’s Hair?

I’m not a big fan of the current political situation. Frankly, the GOP primary seems more like a circus than a contest for the presidency. And however hard I may try to avoid it, I am occasionally subjected to coverage of the debacle. Such was my experience today as I saw a short video clip of Donald Trump calling out Jon Stewart for what he perceived as a racist rant against Herman Cain. You can see the video below if you wish, but what I just can’t get over the Donald’s hair.

Is That a Dead Animal?

There is one undeniable fact that Donald Trump seems determined to ignore: He has a receding hairline! It’s okay. Lots of guys have the same issue. Some go with the shaved head. Others try plugs, implants or Rogaine. However, Donald Trump is a billionaire and has a hair stylist that is both persuasive and creative. Persuasive because he/she somehow convinced Donald that this looks good and creative because not many stylists would think to comb the hair forward, then back and to the side. But no matter how enamored Donald is with having his real hair, he can’t seem to grasp that it looks AWFUL!

What Is With Donald Trump’s Hair? Nov01


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