Straight From the Runway: Styles to be Incorporate this Fall

When it comes down to a stylish fall, interesting attire seems to be the norm. From three piece suits to hoodies, here are some of the more popular trends coming to a closet near you this fall.

Straight From the Runway- Styles to be Incorporate this Fall

For the Office:

For men, the three piece suit says it all. With buttons on the jacket and vest, this suit combination makes for a young and inspirational look. It’s versatility at work is admirable as well since it can become a two piece suit, minus the vest, or remove the jacket and you have the pants and shirt. This is a definite win, win situation at the office.


Another new influx of fashion to the men’s world is the new double-breasted suit sport coats which are a flash back to a different era. Wools with large patterns are back and can look mighty sporty with jeans. Add a sweater under the jacket, over a checked cotton shirt and you are a man of all temperatures. There are no rules this fall; polka-dot shirts with checked, wool sport jackets are out there.



The word on shoes this fall is “buckles”. Buckles on shiny leather or buckles on wing tips tend to be the shoe trend this coming fall. Casual or formal shoes must have buckles.


For shoe fashion at home, look for “We Are Saints Kennedy SS Espadrille”. These are comfortable, yet hit the style-o-meter for your at-home attire. They can be found at They come in a multitude of colors to help make your fashion statement.



Hoodies are always a good choice. This year, look for hoodies of all types of materials and patterns; from polka-dots to plaids in fleece or cotton/polyester, these hoodies can say it all. The zip front trend is availing, but pull-overs are still out there.


For the casual shirt under your hoodie, you will find lots of different colors and styles. From cotton prints to stripes, there are too many patterns to follow this fall. There seems not to be a norm.



Casual jeans are still the trend with low-waisted, straight legged, baggy jeans being the fall wave this year.


Whatever style you wish to go, you will get a good start on your fall wardrobe by keeping your eyes open. Find the things that catch your eye and build your wardrobe around that. You will be able to set up a wardrobe for fall that will fit your lifestyle and leave money in your pocket.


Six Tips for Matching Your Sunglasses With Your Outfit

Sunglasses have two very important functions: they protect your eyes from the sun’s glaring rays, and they help you to better coordinate your outfit. It’s important to ensure that you know what you are doing when wearing sunglasses in order to have the most swagger when walking down the street. Here are six tips that will help you match your outfit to your sunglasses, whether you bought them from Imposter City or elsewhere.

Color is a Very Important Trait

One of the ways to match your sunglasses with your outfit is to wear a pair of sunglasses that is the same color as a piece of clothing you are wearing. While you don’t want your entire outfit to be blue, for example, matching your sunglasses to just one article of clothing, such as your shoes, is a subtle way to coordinate.

Tones Also Work For Matching

Even if your outfit doesn’t contain a matching color for your sunglasses, you can still match. Wearing a dark tone, for example, will help you to better coordinate your efforts. You should also note that dark tones are appropriate in the fall and winter, while brighter tones are best in the spring and summer.

Patterns Can Help You Match

If you are wearing checkered sunglasses, consider wearing a shirt that is also checkered. It doesn’t matter if they are the same color, because the pattern helps to create consistency in your wardrobe. This can’t go wrong.

Create Consistency Through Subtlety

Even if you don’t have a particularly obvious article of clothing with which to match your sunglasses, you can still help your sunglasses blend in by having one or two small items match with them. For example, a green pair of sunglasses and a green watch will help your outfit go together. Matching accessories will have you looking sharp and coordinated.

Buy Multicolored Sunglasses

You may have noticed that many sunglasses have the ear portion one color and then the area with the lens another color. This increases the odds of being able to match your outfit to your sunglasses. A red and green pair of sunglasses requires you to either have a red or green article of clothing.

Wearing Black Sunglasses Can Help

Black goes with almost anything, with the exception of white – a black and white combination can be difficult to pull off. Dark tones generally go better with dark tones, but you can also pull off black with brighter tones if you know what you’re doing. With a black pair of sunglasses, you greatly increase your chances of finding a match.

No matter how well you match your sunglasses with your outfit, they won’t match if you wear your sunglasses at night or inside. While this is a golden rule in the fashion industry, it is one that is often ignored. So in order to get the most out of your sunglasses, remember these six easy steps. These coordination efforts will go a long way to ensuring your outfit matches your sunglasses.

Six Tips for Matching Your Sunglasses With Your Outfit Aug21


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Understanding Diamond Quality and How It Affects Your Choice of Ring

They sparkle, they shine. Diamonds, we’re told, are forever. But not all diamonds were created equal. When purchasing jewellery, it’s important to understand how to measure quality to make the best choice for your price point and tastes. The four “Cs” can help you decide what to select when browsing through the Goldsmiths’ wedding ring collection.


A diamond’s cut is the factor that determines how it sparkles. Not to be confused with the diamond’s shape (pear, square, round, etc.), the cut refers to its depth and proportions. Cut is the most important aspect to consider when purchasing. The cut determines how much light is reflected through the diamond’s top – or how much it will twinkle. When a diamond is cut too shallow, light seeps out of at its base. An excessively deep cut will cause light to travel out the sides of the diamond.

Since it is difficult for the casual observer to measure a diamond’s sparkle, gem specialists have devised different scales to use in the marketplace. The most popular scale identifies diamonds as ideal, premium, very good, good, fair or poor. Ideal and premium cuts are for those customers who are connoisseurs, or who are looking for the best diamonds that money can buy. Very good and good cuts are significantly more affordable and are therefore a better option for many customers. Fair or poor cuts, meanwhile, have little sparkle and should be avoided when possible.


Usually, colourless diamonds are the most coveted and rare as they reflect the most light. A truly colourless or white diamond is very difficult to find – buyers should seek those specimens that are as close to white as possible. The technical scale for colour is a lettered scale that ranks diamonds from D (colourless) to Z (very tinted). Buyers wishing to mount their diamond in white gold may wish to choose a whiter diamond. Yellow or rose gold can actually look warmer and lovelier with a lower grade colour.


A diamond’s carat refers to its weight, with one carat being equal to 0.2 grams. It is always important to consider carat alongside cut. Sometimes a diamond with more sparkle can appear bigger than a diamond with more weight. It is also worth remembering that small fingers can make a small diamond appear large. A woman who prefers larger jewellery may wish to sacrifice some sparkle for weight. As a general rule, however, carat should come after considerations of cut.


Like all things produced in nature, diamonds come with imperfections. There are two types of flaws on these stones: inclusions and blemishes. Inclusions are those imperfections that reside within the diamond. They include bubbles, traces of other minerals, and cracks. Blemishes, meanwhile, are the flaws on the diamond’s surface. These are things like pits and scratches that decrease a diamond’s sparkle. Experts have created a system that ranks diamonds from “flawless” to “included” (i.e. with many inclusions). Most of these imperfections are invisible to the naked and do not affect its attractiveness in a discernible way. For this reason, clarity should be the last aspect you consider while purchasing a diamond.

Diamonds are complicated stones, which means that purchasing them is a complicated business. The bottom line: cut makes the most perceptible difference in a diamond’s quality, so you should consider a diamond’s cut first. Remember to make your decisions based on the material in which the diamond will be set and on the size of the woman’s hand. Diamonds are best when they’re as unique and remarkable as the person who wears them.

Understanding Diamond Quality and How It Affects Your Choice of Ring Aug05


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New Holiday Style

This is a guest post by Chris Hodgson, editor of

Okay so obviously sweaters are at the core of holiday style- the uglier the better. Socks are also getting in on the action-

Anonymous Ism Socks - 635.jpg

The Holidays are a great time to throw practicality and attempts to look respectable out the window and try to look as ridiculous as possible. Ugly sweater parties or other equally hilarious themed Christmas parties.

In all seriousness though booots are a class winter item that you should have, they’re practical, comfortable, and they look great with a simple pair of jeans.

Ok, now back to weird holiday clothing- beanies with the pom are actually making a comeback. Well I can’t say they were every actually gone, but they aren’t frowned upon as much as you might think and many brands are pushing them this season.

So whatever your style, feel free to let loose this holiday season and where the ugliest clothing you can find and then you’ll have pretty much nailed it.



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Facial Fashion

Facial fashionPeople often don’t think about the accessories they wear on their face. Once they put them on, they completely forget about them until they fall off or break. Your facial fashion says just as much about you as anything else you wear. The truly fashion conscious match their facial fashion with the overall theme of their outfit. Other people buy expensive facial fashion as a way to show off their wealth. You could easily spend a fortune on facial fashion alone. Some of it is for more practical purposes like braces, but most of it is used as a cosmetic enhancement. Many people who want to look good worry about traditional braces because they can look funny. In recent years Invisalign has become a popular option to straighten your teeth, Santa Rosa Invisalign can make your smile fit your fashionable body. Regardless of how facial fashion is used, a majority of people in this world are wearing some form of it.

When your eyesight starts to go, you need to go to the doctor and get glasses or contacts. Laser eye surgery is always an option, but most people can’t afford it. They have to figure out how to buy glasses that won’t look too much like the coke bottle glasses of yesteryear. Many places that sell glasses allow you to customize them to suit your style. Granted, you will have to pay a little more for customized glasses, but that’s better than having to settle for the boring, typical stock eyeglasses. You could go with regular clear contacts or shoot for colored contacts. In the past, you might have matched your hand bag to your shoes. Have you ever matched your eyes to your hand bag?

Millions of women across the world wear makeup on a daily basis. The cosmetics industry is a multibillion dollar empire for a reason. Some women choose to go with the natural look; however, no effort to revert back to a bare face is going to undo the firm grasp makeup has with women. Your makeup should enhance your look, not make it obvious that you’re wearing it. The more makeup you put on your face, the more the whole process becomes a negative. Makeup will not solve all of the problems you have with your appearance. It’s meant to enhance your look and nothing else. You should always be confident in yourself and not rely on anything else to build that confidence for you.

It’s hard to walk through any mall in this country without seeing several different jewelry store. Society has dictated that it’s important for women to wear some sort of jewelry on their person. Women receive necklaces, rings, earrings, and other types of jewelry on a consistent basis. Men are even getting in on the jewelry game as well. You might see men wearing rings and earrings. It used to be inappropriate for men to dabble in jewelry, but now it’s slowly becoming the norm. As long as men don’t overdo it, they are able to wear jewelry without getting judged. It will never be more acceptable for men to wear more jewelry than women though unless something changes with gender roles in society. They can wear a ring or two or maybe some earrings, but nothing else. 


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Picking Out the Perfect Wedding Ring

black tungsten wedding ringWhen picking out a wedding ring there are an incredible amount of things to consider.  The very first being the type of metal that you will want to use.  There are several types of metal available in the wedding market:

Gold: You can purchase yellow or white gold rings.  Women can find them in all different styles, as well as men.

Silver: Silver is a less common wedding ring option, although you can find plenty of rings in the market.  This option is less durable than the other metal options available and so that should really be considered.  It is often purchased because of budget constraints.

Platinum: Platinum has become a very popular wedding band metal.  It is very expensive, but durable and beautiful.  It has a silver sheen to it.

Titanium:  Titanium entered as a hit with men’s wedding bands, because of the ability to purchase it in several different sheens, but also because of how light weight it is.  It can be easily bent and scratched though, so lifestyle is a very important factor when deciding if this is the right metal to go with.

Tungsten: Mens Tungsten carbide wedding rings are the newest rage.  It is 4 times as hard as titanium and is very scratch resistant.  When there is no cobalt in the metal it is very strong and will last forever.  Tungsten can also be purchased in several shades of silver and also comes in black.  There are lines of Tungsten bands for women as well.

The next important decision is the choice of stone(s) for the bride.  Many brides are now getting diamonds, but also adding in a pearl or other precious stone for their more prominent stone.  Pearls, rubies, sapphires, etc. are all options that can be incorporated into the wedding band.  Whatever the stone it is important to learn about the quality of whatever stone you are getting.  Diamonds are graded on their perfection and the more perfect they are the more clear they are, the more they sparkle and the more they cost.  Sparkle is also dependent upon the cut of the diamond.

Women also need to decide what style of ring they want.  This is often decided by their lifestyle and fashion preferences.  Many women, for instance, don’t consider that they should have their main stone lowered, so as to cause less trouble by getting caught on things.  Some women don’t care and just want a big stone that is placed high.  Other women don’t even want rings with stones sticking out, they would rather have a flat ring, channel or otherwise, with the diamonds imbedded inside the ring.

Budget is the most important thing however.  You must stay within budget.  Tungsten and gold are very affordable and lasting options
diamond ring (although the sheen of gold may change over the years, but this gives it a very antique and classic look).  Getting smaller and fewer diamonds can lower the price as well.  Cubic zirconia is also an option to replace the diamonds altogether.  They look quite beautiful and the untrained eye won’t be able to tell the difference between CZ and a real diamond – nor would most people care.  Looking around and watching for sales is also a great option.  There are plenty of good internet sites for buying high quality weddings rings at reduces prices, because they don’t have an overhead – in other words they don’t have to pay for huge advertising and show room costs.

You can find the right wedding ring and within your budget with a bit a research and a lot of looking.  All of that looking is extremely important and well worth it, especially when you plan on wearing that ring forever.


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