5 Accessories to Accent Your Outfits During Cold Weather Months

5 Accessories to Accent Your Outfits During Cold Weather Months #2As the weather gets colder and attire begins to change accordingly, you can keep up your chic look while still remaining cozily dressed and practical. Naturally, we tend to wear darker, and let’s be honest, more boring, frumpy clothes for the sake of being warm. Check out these 5 accessories that can help make any basic winter outfit extra sharp.


Add some casual class to any blouse or shirt by finding a few nice cardigans. On any cool day, you can warm yourself with this light accessory by wearing it with the proper outfit. The fashion professionals of www.reemclothing.com suggest pairing a soft gray cardigan and leave it unzipped over a festive polo. Or get a fancy black cardigan with a see-through design on the back and button it up over a nice Christmas red. Mixing and matching outfits and colors will keep you warm and trendy.


These particular accessories have so much potential for creativity and beauty. They can go around the waist, warm your neck, drape loosely across the shoulders or hold back your hair. Build up a collection of scarves to go with various outfits; you can wear a black coat over a purple blouse and add a royal colored scarf to accent it, or change up shades of green with your tights, shirt, and scarf.

5 Accessories to Accent Your Outfits During Cold Weather Months


Whether you wear some neutral fingerless gloves so you can still type and text, or full-length gloves to keep your tips warm, it’s good to coordinate the colors with your coat buttons or hat color. For longer gloves, whether they go to your wrist or to your elbow, leather is a more adult look that lasts wear and tear longer.


The best way to do hats is to match them to either your hair or your coat. If you have a scarf that is multicolored, you can add splashes of different color by mixing and matching your gloves and hat with it. Whether it is a felt fedora, a casual beanie, or a stylish cloche, you can make any outfit stand out with a fancy hat on to complete your look.

Fur Coat or Boots

You can add instant style to any outfit by wearing some faux fur boots or a coat with a fur collar. It keeps you warm, and makes everything you wear instantly fancier. It doesn’t take much, and whether you want to buy boots and a coat that already have fur on it, or find a fur collar that you can add on yourself, you can have fun making a wool coat go from slightly fancy to stunningly fabulous.

Through it all, the important thing is to build up your wardrobe of various and matching colors and styles, add a lot of fun accessories, and then get creative with your own style. Happy holidays!

How To Find The Right Place To Repair Your Jewelry

How To Find The Right Place To Repair Your JewelryIt makes sense for those consumers with expansive collections, or even those with a few distinctive pieces, to use caution when finding the right place to repair or restore jewelry items. There may be some vendors that are less transparent, or that have questionable reputation among consumers or online forums, which could put jewelry at risk with shoddy or illicit work. Review and research information regarding the item being restored, as well as the possibilities for local and online service provision; compare costs and service offerings among several jewelry repair sites before making a decision regarding cherished items.

Some things to look for when perusing jewelry repair sites and reviewing various vendors may include the following:


When evaluating various sites for jewelry repair information and possible service, seek out transparent companies that don’t hide facts or figures through the use of ambiguous language. When reviews are posted on home pages for such merchants, look for some that are less-than stellar which proves the company has nothing to hide.

Public Perception

While there are always a few sour grapes, avoid companies with an excess of negative feedback or reviews evident in online blogs, forums, or consumer protection agencies. With so many merchants to select from, there is no need to risk precious jewelry items to a jeweler with dubious integrity.

Knowledge and Expertise

Seek out jewelry repair sites that provide more than a phone number and a few pictures. Look for demonstrated expertise regarding fine jewelry and the types of repair service that they provide. For example, when visiting the home page of online jewelry repair businesses such as The Gold Cobbler, visitors can get a concise yet detailed description of the types of repair services offered as well as the exact pieces that they deal with. This company clearly displays some knowledge about their service, and they share this helpful insight with the prospective customers reviewing the page.

Vague Pricing

While it would be impossible to estimate the cost to repair or restore items without seeing them first-hand, vendors should be able to provide an accurate quote for the service when requested. Vendors that won’t commit to how much the service may be could be setting consumes up for a unpleasant surprise later on. Don’t send jewelry items to merchants without clarification of expected costs or charges.

Lofty Promises

On the flip side, it might be wise to by-pass jewelry repair businesses that make unrealistic promises or offer unbelievable pricing for service. This could be a tactic to lure and lead unsuspecting consumers to sending this company their jewelry.


Consumers are encouraged to visit websites and assess home pages of reputable online jewelry repair specialists before enlisting unfamiliar vendors with the task. There is no reason to make uninformed or hasty decisions with the abundance of information and service providers found online.


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How The Stars Look Young: All Their Tips and Secrets

Along with fame and fortune, stars must also deal with the responsibility of always looking good for the camera. Many stars have developed their own little tricks for maximizing their best points, using both natural and commercial products. However, sometimes nature needs a little help, and stars are perfectly willing to discuss improvements with a cosmetic surgeon to determine if a blepharoplasty, (or eyelid surgery) is needed to open up the eye area to provide a younger and more alert appearance. There is a range of different types of non-invasive or surgical procedures that celebrities use in order to keep their age-less appearance. These stars may also choose from a variety of facelift procedures that help to smooth the forehead, re-sculpt cheekbones and firm the chin area or injectables such as Botox that help to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

How The Stars Look Young- All Their Tips and Secrets

Natural Aids To Beauty

Simple answers to beauty problems often do the most in keeping you looking young and healthy. For instance, ensuring that you drink plenty of water every day can help to flush toxins from the skin, providing a natural glow of health. Scrupulous cleaning and toning at the end of the day can prevent damage to facial skin. For a final finish on your make-up, give your face a spray of rosewater and lay on a tissue to blot up the excess for a dewy glow. Another simple trick, a bit of petroleum jelly applied to eyelids can give your eyes a sparkling, angelic look. Omega-3 oil applied to the face is a natural way to give your facial skin the protection of antioxidants as well as moisturizing.


Cosmetic Tricks

Good cosmetics can range from the simple to the extremely complex. Each star has her own favorite item that seems to work for her individual needs. For instance, some stars swear by Aquaphor, a petroleum-based ointment that provides a healing layer to prevent daily wear-and-tear on skin. Loose powder, lightly applied with the excess brushed off, can give a smooth and finished look. Some stars swear by eye cream to help remove dark circles and perk up the face. Concealer, two shades lighter than the rest of your complexion, helps some stars look bright and fresh for the camera. Of course, a good foundation not only helps to protect skin, but also smoothes unevenness in your complexion. One star uses two shades of lipstick to custom-match the perfect lip color for the camera.


Looking good for the cameras takes a good understanding of your skin’s individual needs and a willingness to try new effects and new products. A consultation with a cosmetic surgeon can help you to look your best throughout your life.

Dressing for a Date: Tips and Ideas

When dressing for a date there are a few things you must know and consider before choosing the perfect outfit.

  1. Where are you going on the date?  This will help you determine the dress code for the date whether it’s casual to formal.
  2. The time of day and the season of the date.  If you are going on a day date the attire may be entirely different than a date at night.  Also, when going out in winter you’ll want to dress differently than in the summer.

Cute girl on a dateOnce you have determined these two all important questions you can focus on preparing for the date.  No matter the place, occasion, or time of the date you’ll want to begin by being well groomed.  Showering, applying makeup, and doing your hair are all important first steps to preparing for any date.  Using makeup that flatters, and then determining a hairstyle for the date.  If may try to do a fancy new do, or just use curly hair products and style your hair as normal.  Make sure that whatever style you choose it is not one that is going to require a lot of attention throughout the date.  In addition to styling your hair you may want to add a fresh coat of polish to your nails as well.  Apply a subtle amount of perfume that is pleasant but not overpowering.

Next, choose your outfit.  Whether formal or casual choose and outfit that you feel comfortable in.  You will want to wear clothes that allow you to walk, sit, move around, and eat without discomfort.  Choose an outfit that flatters you.  From a comfortable pair of jeans to a fancy formal dress, you can find an outfit that looks good, flatters your figure, yet still allows you to feel comfortable and at ease on your date.

Finally, add the perfect accessories.  From a favorite pair or earrings to a lucky necklace, accessories add the finishing touch to any outfit.  Consider also where you may be going.  If you are going to be outdoors consider a pretty jacket or coat that matches your outfit.  If you’re going to beach consider a nice pair of sunglasses and a swimsuit and cover up.  Bring a small purse with you.  In the purse you can hide lip balm, your cell phone, some cash, and any other items you need to bring with you.

Once you’ve dressed and accessorized, take a look in a mirror for the overall effect. If you’re satisfied with the results chances are your date will be too.  Most importantly, add the most important accessory to you outfit…a smile!  If you’re enjoying yourself chances are that’s what your date will remember more than anything you wear.


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How To Look Fashionable While Working Out

There is no reason you cannot look great while working out. Start now to attract your crush with these tips to use at the gym.

  • Wear cute workout clothes.

The industry is so big that there have to be exercise clothes that look great on you. So spend some time at the store this weekend to try on and pick out cute exercise clothes. Get multiple pairs so that you don’t have to wash them before wearing them the next day. If you go to the gym daily, you should definitely have multiple outfits. Just as you would not wear the same thing twice anywhere else, you should keep to that rule for the gym. Make sure it all fits snuggly and won’t reveal anything.

  • Look in the mirror-that’s what it’s for, right?

The mirror that is there to help you with your form can help you with your looks. You can use it to slyly fix your hair or catch a glimpse of those working out around you. Just don’t let them catch you or you’ll look like a creep.

Accessorize your accessories starting with your water bottle. When you use a reusable or disposable sleeve, you can more easily find it if you ever leave it behind. You can identify it, too. Plus, great sleeves can be adorable and really show off your personality. Just like you would accessorize your phone, you can accessorize your bottle.

  • Blast the music.

Show your great taste with the right music; and of course you don’t want to actually blast it. But when your crush or friend you want to impress is lingering, there is no harm in playing it as loud as you can so they catch a glimpse of your music preferences. Make sure to take your earphones out if you do, of course. Always listen to something intriguing and not embarrassing in case the ear buds get unplugged accidentally.

  • Shoes are for the feet and eyes.

Believe it or not, shoes are something that people really look at in the gym. Plus they can help you run better and safer. So invest in a pair of cute, colorful shoes. Go for ones that ft the distance you usually run in one period for time. Cleats are for the field, so ask the shoe store experts on what kind to get for your level and place of workout.

These tips, like flashy silver water bottle sleeves and new shoes, will help you feel and look your best at the gym, of all places. So grab some cuter clothes and go for a spin in style on the treadmill today.



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Hitting the Beach in Style

It’s summer time, and you know what that means! It’s time to hit the beach and get some much valued sun time in. When it comes to going to the beach, there are a few things you need to think about, but one of the most important is this: FASHION. There are so many ways to look great when you decide to get some rays on the beach! If you are looking for a great new swim suit or beach outfit, then here are some tips that you can use to look great in the sun this summer!

While fashion is something that everyone is able to pay attention to, style is what you decide to do with it. Every person has his or her own individual style, and it is important to stay true to it. Don’t get something just because it’s the biggest craze. Look at the popular fashions and make them your own. That’s what style is all about! One of the most difficult things to do when looking for swimwear nowadays is staying true to personal style. Because bikinis are a dime a dozen, it can be hard for women to find bathing suits that are modest and attractive. However, there are a number of clothing lines that offer a selection of modest swimwear options. In fact, some very fashionable clothing lines are starting to respond to the call from some women to create bathing suits that look good and cover up. So don’t give up before you’ve given the fashion lines a chance. Look for modest swimwear the next time you go shopping. You might be surprised what you find!

When you decide to go to the beach, you need to make sure you wear clothes that are light and easy to carry. Wearing heavy fabrics will not only make you hot on the way to the water, it has a higher risk of being ruined by the sand all around. A light sundress or comfy pair of shorts may be all you need to put on before you head to the water. Also, make sure you wear something to protect your skin from the sun! Sunscreen is a lifesaver, and you will want to make sure you have plenty on hand. Reapply sunscreen every few hours or however often it says to reapply on the bottle. You might also want to consider wearing a sun hat and sunglasses to protect the delicate skin on your face from the sun. Your eyes, also, are susceptible to damage from the sun, so you will want to take the utmost care in order to ensure that your eyes don’t get burned or strained by going out in the sun unprotected.



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