Cleaning Out Your Wardrobe Aug06


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Cleaning Out Your Wardrobe

Isn’t it frustrating when you have just finished a shopping spree and you take your new purchases home just to discover that the hangers won’t even hang in your packed wardrobe? I know for me I’ve had this problem too many times, so I finally came to a decision. I needed to clean out my wardrobe!

The first thing I did was to entirely empty the wardrobe. It looked eerily bare once there were no clothes in there, as if it were not used to the light. The clothes lay scattered all over my carpet and my bed, and I saw clothes in the piles that I forgot I even owned.

So I started to sift through the clothes. It was difficult to decide what I truly wanted to keep, what to throw out, to give away, and what to sell. I came across some particular items that I would not be caught dead in any more, but I realized that my sister would absolutely adore the fine frills and floral prints, so I decided to box the items and put them into Peoria self storage units. This created a gigantic dent in the amount of clothing that lay scattered on the floor, and it brought a smile to my face when I thought of my sister’s inevitable reaction.

girl organizing closetThe rest of the clothes were easy enough to sort out. It is important to be ruthless when you clean our your wardrobe. Ask yourself if there really is ever going to be an occasion when you will wear that, or whether you’re just being overly hopeful. Have you ever even put that item of clothing on? Put on a casual outfit that you look good in, and then compare it. If you don’t look as good in that item of clothing as you do in the clothes you’re wearing, then it’s not worth keeping. Plenty of thrift stores will take your unwanted garments, provided that they are in good shape (most thrift stores do not accept underwear, so it’s pointless to try that). If it was a truly expensive item of clothing, then you could also attempt to sell it. There are many websites where you can auction off or sell your unwanted clothes, and all are very user friendly. Of course, if you’re still extremely uncertain about that one item of clothing that you adore, but doesn’t fit, or doesn’t necessarily suit you, you could always put that into storage too. It is pointless to keep those items of clothing in your wardrobe, as it takes up valuable space that you will need for all your new purchases!

I put all the unwanted items of clothing into boxes which were labelled, of course, which stated whether the clothes would be sold, given away, or put into storage, and voilĂ ! My wardrobe was clear, clean, and color coordinated!