Cute LDS Missionary Clothes Feb07


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Cute LDS Missionary Clothes

cute sister missionariesOftentimes women are unsure about how to dress especially while serving a mission. As a sister missionary, your mind probably reverts to very conservative black and grey outfits always including long ankle length skirts. Regardless what some individuals may say, it is imperative to remember that you can dress cute yet modest at the same time. It just might take a little bit more of an effort. Being modest can say a lot about a woman’s character. She respects herself and values her morals so she dresses appropriately and doesn’t try to draw unnecessary attention to herself. When a woman feels confident in her own body, she can be so much more beautiful than when she doubts herself and value. One source for LDS sister missionary skirts is Sister Missionary Fashion. Not only does this company have modest clothing but it is very affordable. They have skirts, dresses, tops and sweaters and even outerwear. I know that outerwear can sure come in handy if you are serving in a cold place. Chances are that when you look at their clothing you will be surprised at how trendy and cute it is. Something that the Church has been trying to implement is the sister missionaries wearing more colorful and trendy clothing. They want the girls to be fashionable. This might come as a shock to some of you who assume as sister missionary wears long black or grey skirts and very little color.

This is an attempt to not seem like nuns and to not stand out so much in a crowd. When looking for modest clothing keep in mind that you want to cover it up. When shopping for skirts, look for ones that are knee length or longer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with knee length or longer skirts. It is very easy to find trendy knee length skirts at places such as Downeast, Nordstrom, Macys or Sears. They can come in a variety of colors, designs, and even material for different times of the year. Bottoms aren’t the only place you need to be modest. Remember your tops when trying to dress modestly. Avoid shirts that are extremely low cut or revealing. It is true that first impressions are important and how do you want people to see you? You are acting as a representative for the Church for crying out loud. A tip for making tops more modest is to layer. Not only will you be more modest, but you’ll also be warmer in the winter. I know I sure love to layer up in the winter time. I feel that modesty is not only important to look nice and presentable, but it really does say a lot about your character and what you value. People will be drawn to you. If you really care and respect your body, then dress to portray that message. Show how much you respect and value the Church by how you dress. So remember that you can be modest and cute at the same time and be a great sister missionary out there representing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.