Dressing for a Date: Tips and Ideas Jun07


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Dressing for a Date: Tips and Ideas

When dressing for a date there are a few things you must know and consider before choosing the perfect outfit.

  1. Where are you going on the date?  This will help you determine the dress code for the date whether it’s casual to formal.
  2. The time of day and the season of the date.  If you are going on a day date the attire may be entirely different than a date at night.  Also, when going out in winter you’ll want to dress differently than in the summer.

Cute girl on a dateOnce you have determined these two all important questions you can focus on preparing for the date.  No matter the place, occasion, or time of the date you’ll want to begin by being well groomed.  Showering, applying makeup, and doing your hair are all important first steps to preparing for any date.  Using makeup that flatters, and then determining a hairstyle for the date.  If may try to do a fancy new do, or just use curly hair products and style your hair as normal.  Make sure that whatever style you choose it is not one that is going to require a lot of attention throughout the date.  In addition to styling your hair you may want to add a fresh coat of polish to your nails as well.  Apply a subtle amount of perfume that is pleasant but not overpowering.

Next, choose your outfit.  Whether formal or casual choose and outfit that you feel comfortable in.  You will want to wear clothes that allow you to walk, sit, move around, and eat without discomfort.  Choose an outfit that flatters you.  From a comfortable pair of jeans to a fancy formal dress, you can find an outfit that looks good, flatters your figure, yet still allows you to feel comfortable and at ease on your date.

Finally, add the perfect accessories.  From a favorite pair or earrings to a lucky necklace, accessories add the finishing touch to any outfit.  Consider also where you may be going.  If you are going to be outdoors consider a pretty jacket or coat that matches your outfit.  If you’re going to beach consider a nice pair of sunglasses and a swimsuit and cover up.  Bring a small purse with you.  In the purse you can hide lip balm, your cell phone, some cash, and any other items you need to bring with you.

Once you’ve dressed and accessorized, take a look in a mirror for the overall effect. If you’re satisfied with the results chances are your date will be too.  Most importantly, add the most important accessory to you outfit…a smile!  If you’re enjoying yourself chances are that’s what your date will remember more than anything you wear.