How To Look Fashionable While Working Out Jun06


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How To Look Fashionable While Working Out

There is no reason you cannot look great while working out. Start now to attract your crush with these tips to use at the gym.

  • Wear cute workout clothes.

The industry is so big that there have to be exercise clothes that look great on you. So spend some time at the store this weekend to try on and pick out cute exercise clothes. Get multiple pairs so that you don’t have to wash them before wearing them the next day. If you go to the gym daily, you should definitely have multiple outfits. Just as you would not wear the same thing twice anywhere else, you should keep to that rule for the gym. Make sure it all fits snuggly and won’t reveal anything.

  • Look in the mirror-that’s what it’s for, right?

The mirror that is there to help you with your form can help you with your looks. You can use it to slyly fix your hair or catch a glimpse of those working out around you. Just don’t let them catch you or you’ll look like a creep.

Accessorize your accessories starting with your water bottle. When you use a reusable or disposable sleeve, you can more easily find it if you ever leave it behind. You can identify it, too. Plus, great sleeves can be adorable and really show off your personality. Just like you would accessorize your phone, you can accessorize your bottle.

  • Blast the music.

Show your great taste with the right music; and of course you don’t want to actually blast it. But when your crush or friend you want to impress is lingering, there is no harm in playing it as loud as you can so they catch a glimpse of your music preferences. Make sure to take your earphones out if you do, of course. Always listen to something intriguing and not embarrassing in case the ear buds get unplugged accidentally.

  • Shoes are for the feet and eyes.

Believe it or not, shoes are something that people really look at in the gym. Plus they can help you run better and safer. So invest in a pair of cute, colorful shoes. Go for ones that ft the distance you usually run in one period for time. Cleats are for the field, so ask the shoe store experts on what kind to get for your level and place of workout.

These tips, like flashy silver water bottle sleeves and new shoes, will help you feel and look your best at the gym, of all places. So grab some cuter clothes and go for a spin in style on the treadmill today.